Still worth buying a new D500?

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Re: Still worth buying a new D500?

greenmanphoto wrote:

Kapiro wrote:

Newbie here daring to throw in two cents, even though more experienced photographers and forum members have essentially said it all.

It all gets back to what someone else mentioned somewhere in the thread. What will you be shooting and how important or relevant is this camera to said shooting? In addition, how important is that shooting to you?

I bought my D500 in 2016 because we discovered one of our children had great competitive aptitudes for an equestrian discipline. The D500 was the right and the best camera for the photographs I wanted to take. If my current D500 were to meet some untimely demise now, I would buy another one because I need (or want?) a the best sports camera I can afford without going into overkill (say a D5).

In 2016 I bought the D500 because a few years earlier, I had photo gear that was completely wrong for the things I wanted to photograph. So I ended up missing on once in a lifetime opportunities, not because I was going to take some award winning shot, but because the chance of being under the circumstances to take the photo were unlikely to repeat themselves.

The question about price/cost is a straightforward one, a person is either willing to pay it or not. The question that might help you decide is what is the –perhaps intangible– value of the things or situations you wish to capture with a camera.


EXCELLENT viewpoint and comments! Like you, I feel that I prefer to be able to capture once-in-a-lifetime shots (for ME, at least), even if they've been done a THOUSAND times before by OTHER photographers. They've NOT been done by me, and I don't have ANY idea if I'll ever be back in a situation to capture them again. I want to know that the gear I have to take those photos with will be up to the challenge, and ANY limitations in capturing those images falls squarely on ME instead of my gear.

Thanks again for the insight.



I think you summed it up better than me.  Once-in-a-lifetime shots are usually relative to the particular photographer, rarely for the whole of the photo world.  And to me, even if it is not a National Geographic quality shot, it is my shot, taken because I was there. Such shots can be reminders of how fortunate we are to be able to take them.

And I agree with you, though the camera does not make the photographer, I want the limitations on capturing images to be mine and not the gear's.  I learned it my erring, so now I always keep in mind what I regularly do or will be doing (e.g., I posted on the gear advise section since my photo taking is about to change).



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