MFT cameras 'crippled' in DPR's tests

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MFT cameras 'crippled' in DPR's tests

Almost 3 years ago I posted this in the Site feedback and Help forum :

"Find DPR's relatively new Exposure Latitude test very fine and interesting, but noticed a few things that maybe isn't quite fair. Ideally all the tested cameras should be exposed equally close (or within 1/3 stop) to the sensors saturation point at the cameras lowest 'real' ISO (no matter whether that's called "extended" or not), but seems that isn't always the case.

All the four mFT cameras available in the comparison are tested at ISO 200, with one stop less exposure than most of the other cameras. Two of the four mFT cameras are tested by DxO, and according to them the "Measured ISO" is like this :

Panasonic GX8 - Measured ISO at ISO 100/200 = 63/116

Olympus E-M5 II - Measured ISO at ISO 100/200 = 96/96

And for comparison :

Nikon D750 - Measured ISO at ISO 50/100 = 73/73

Canon 6D - Measured ISO at ISO 50/100 = 80/80

So, assuming that DxO got it right, then ISO 100 on GX8 is actually a real ISO, capable of handling a higher exposure than 6D and D750. On E-M5 II the saturation capacity is the same at ISO 100 and 200, a bit lower than on 6D and D750, but certainly not a full stop lower. Seems that it would have been more appropriate to use ISO 125 on E-M5 II (if available) and ISO 100 on GX8.

You could maybe say that Panasonic did this to themselves by calling a real ISO "extended", and Olympus by having a larger 'headroom' than usual, but still. Think it would be very useful if things like that were investigated a bit more in the reviews."

Got a nice reply from Rishi Sanyal, but seems that nothing has changed. Newer cameras like Pen-F, E-M1 II, GH5, G9 and GX9 are also tested at ISO 200, with less than optimal exposure. Though, noticed one exception, the E-M10 III where ISO 100 was available in the Studio Scene test, but the Exposure Latitude test was at ISO 200. Below a few more measurements from DxO. The most recent available. Have they stopped testing?

Panasonic GH5 - Measured ISO at ISO 100/200 = 60/117

Olympus E-M1 II - Measured ISO at ISO 100/200 = 83/83

Olympus Pen-F - Measured ISO at ISO 100/200 = 91/91

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