Seaking advice for wide field astrophotography (shoot & processing)

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Re: Seaking advice for wide field astrophotography (shoot & processing)

hdwrx wrote:

See my first try of Orion, for comparison.

This is a stack of about 70 4s exposures (not tracked), taken with Nikon D850 + AF-S 50mm f/1.4g stopped at f/2.8 (f/1.4 was capturing great light with absolutely horrible butterfly stars in the corners).

Ultimately stacked in PixInsight, I had difficulty neutralizing the harsh starfield background. I'm not fully happy with the result, but the whole experiment was to see what could be done without a tracker. So the take-away is: a tracking head is not needed for widefield, although a good fast lens would be extremely helpful.

Any suggestions on a f/1.4 lens to try?

Try the Sigma Art 40 mm f/1.4 or 105 mm f/1.4. Here is a comparison of the 105 mm f/1.4 wide open, 8 exposures stacked, 3 seconds each, below. The nikon image is at full resolution from the posted image. The Canon is 0.7x of full resolution.

Nikon D850 + 50 mm f/1.4 at f/2.8 vs Canon 6D2 + 105 mm f/1.4 at f/1.4

What surprises me in the Nikon image is 1) many stars are turned green--implies filtering of the raw data, 2) many bright stars are gone or turned to colored mush (red, magenta and blue mush). This also implies significant filtering. Is the filtering in the camera, or in the raw converter?


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