Request to Photoshop shutters on house photo

Started Jan 8, 2019 | Discussions thread
Jonsi Veteran Member • Posts: 5,062
Re: Request to Photoshop shutters on house photo

Cariboo wrote:

Someone doing this for free for you is undercutting the retouching profession.

Undercutting on price? Sure. Is that a bad thing for the guy looking for services?

Did you mean undermining? It's not.

No one owes you a protected career.

Why hire someone when a enthusiast or retiree will do it for free?

Food for thought.

With the accessibility and ease-of-use of a hundred photo editors available these days, why pay someone?

Think of your job, would you want someone to undercut you & do your work for free & put you out of a job?

No, but it's life.

Better to find a career that isn't so easily replicated by an enthusiast.

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