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C1Pro Session Organisation

As I want to be able to browse my files with other programs and have a basic folder structure which enable me to find files without having to use C1Pro, I have a folder structure with Year and shoot subfolders. Something like this:

The easy way to get photos into a session is simply to create the session in the parent folder (2018 in this example) and this creates the shoot subfolder (Shanghai) within 2018 and the usual Capture / Selects / Output / and Trash subfolders we are used to. You then copy the files from your sd card into the Capture subfolder and away you go.

This works fine but when you browse the file system and open for example the Shanghai folder you don’t see any images only the four subfolders. Not a big issue but I would prefer for the Selects subfolder to actually be at the top level i.e. the Shanghai folder so that the best images are immediately browsable and the other images are tucked away in subfolders.

I lurk over on the PhaseOne forums and there was a post recently from “IanL” showing how to accomplish this so I thought I would share it here๐Ÿ˜Š I have zero ability when it comes to trying to explain processes so please bear with me. The actual process is very quick and simple.

I am still experimenting with this but the trick is during creation of the new session you use the name of the session to create the required subfolder e.g. Shanghai in the parent folder (2018) and replace the word “Selects” in the Select Subfolder dialogue box with a period “.” (without the quotes). This is a Windows command I don’t know how it would work with a Mac. Doing this means that the Shanghai subfolder becomes the selects folder. So if you move an image from the Capture folder to the “Selects” folder it appear in the Shanghai folder which is what I want.

To make this simple for future use you just create a Session Template which looks like this when you use it in the future - very simple:

So for any new shoot you just type the folder name you require e.g. Hong Kong and press OK. This gives the following file structure:

Now when you work in the session and move all your best shots to “Selects” they appear in the top level folder – Shanghai or Hong Kong.

It is important to recognise when you use this method that you don’t actually have a folder on your HD called “Selects” as you have assigned the top folder to that function using the “period” you entered as the Select subfolders name during session creation. Within C1Pro you will still see the “selects” folder label but it is just a label for whatever folder you have assigned to be your “Selects” folder. Sounds confusing when you write it but easy when you actually use it.

Hope this is of interest to other session users of C1Pro.


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