Dead AF on DFA* 1.4

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Re: Dead AF on DFA* 1.4

Florida Suse wrote:

Been reading this thread but, haven't commented because I've been thinking about this mystery and I think. . .

that it will be very important to keep that plastic cap that goes on the back part of the lens on every time the lens is not attached to the camera. Not saying the OP did not do this or this is what could have caused contacts to bend out but, I'm thinking that it could easily snag on a piece of fabric or another piece of gear in a camera bag or any place when not covered or protected with the cap. Seems like an easy piece to get caught on anything because it sticks up and catches easily. Will have to be conscious of never having this lens capless on the back end, even in camera bag or pouch.

If for no other reason than to keep dust off or to prevent accidental scratches of the rear lens elements, I have always been very careful to use the rear lens caps when a lens is off the camera.   I certainly wouldn't put a lens in a camera bag without its rear cap.

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