Request to Photoshop shutters on house photo

Started Jan 8, 2019 | Discussions thread
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Re: Request to Photoshop shutters on house photo

Very time consuming to do a good job to do it for you in 2 versions for free. I don't have "free" time, just for home decorating. I have to work to pay my mortgage. Also, if free, if me, my "free" work, would not allow rights to the contractor to also use the image in the future.

Why not upload your image to a Paint Mfg website, as they offer that sort of service online for free, they offer complimentary color suggestions & trim views. Exactly what you are looking for, but it will be more crude than a good retoucher would do & maybe not adding shutters. Try a popular nation wide paint brand. I've seen several but don't have the URL handy, though a Google search will find it.

Or, HIRE a retoucher !!!!!! You can certainly afford it with a house like that, as I can barely afford my hovel since so many people do "my" type of work for free. I could never afford to build a house like that based on how much my income has been eaten away by "free".

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