Request to Photoshop shutters on house photo

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Re: Request to Photoshop shutters on house photo

Cariboo wrote:

PatrickG. wrote:

Would someone be so kind as to Photoshop the following on this photo:

- Add black shutters to the sides of the window

- Make front door same color gray as siding on gables

- Color front door trim black

- Color garage door trim black

For bonus points, include a second version where everything is colored the same gray as the gable siding.

Thanks in advance!

Is this for personal use & if so, what type & why?

Or is this for your commercial purposes as a contractor, developer or real estate agent? Someone doing this for free for you is undercutting the retouching profession. Why hire someone when a enthusiast or retiree will do it for free? Think of your job, would you want someone to undercut you & do your work for free & put you out of a job?

You are asking for a fair bit of work to be done for free. I would be happy to do the work, starting at $65/hour & I figure 1.5-2 hours, download to upload at whatever resolution that you are requesting for the work that you have so far outlined. More work = more time = more cost.

This is all me. The builder and I are wavering back and forth on which color to use for the shutters, door, and trim. He has no idea I’ve posted this. I’m just terrible at visualizing this sort of thing in my head. Our first choice of brick didn’t go back into production in time to start, so this is our second choice. Add to that, the brick went up looking more tan than the gray (it’s a gray brick), so now we’re trying to tie everything together so it doesn’t look terrible.

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