Request to Photoshop shutters on house photo

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Re: Request to Photoshop shutters on house photo

PatrickG. wrote:

Would someone be so kind as to Photoshop the following on this photo:

- Add black shutters to the sides of the window

- Make front door same color gray as siding on gables

- Color front door trim black

- Color garage door trim black

For bonus points, include a second version where everything is colored the same gray as the gable siding.

Thanks in advance!

Is this for personal use & if so, what type & why?

Or is this for your commercial purposes as a contractor, developer or real estate agent? Someone doing this for free for you is undercutting the retouching profession. Why hire someone when a enthusiast or retiree will do it for free? Think of your job, would you want someone to undercut you & do your work for free & put you out of a job?

You are asking for a fair bit of work to be done for free. I would be happy to do the work, starting at $65/hour & I figure 1.5-2 hours, download to upload at whatever resolution that you are requesting for the work that you have so far outlined. More work = more time = more cost.

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