White Geraniums

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Re: White Geraniums

Jim King wrote:

Really nice images, Mike. The hue shift in UV is quite interesting and makes me wonder what the fluorescing component in these flowers is. Well done!

Thanks Jim, the way I understand it is when a strong UV photo hits an electron of an atom that makes the subject the electron jumps to a wider orbit then moves back to the normal orbit and sends off a photo of a longer wavelength. This is for anything that actually fluoresces. Some minerals(rocks) fluoresce but only in a pure form, if they're a combination mineral they may not fluoresce at all. A lot of greens from plants will fluoresce red, however some don't fluoresce at all and others fluoresces near their natural colour. Apparently foliage can change how it fluoresces  depending on its stage of life, a live leaf and a dried decaying leaf could have different results. I found the bacteria and/or algae in pond water fluoresces as well. Oh and the wavelength of UV light can change the fluorescing effect too. Despite all this its a hunt to find subjects that fluoresce that are worthy of photographing.

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