Dead AF on DFA* 1.4

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Re: Dead AF on DFA* 1.4. FIXED

MightyMike wrote:

Great to see this fixed, however what a problem, I hope this isn't a sign of cost cutting but rather just a one off fluke.

It looks kind of strange with those contacts bent like that. I have now looked at my lenses with internal AF. The contacts have no tendency at all at being bent.

You guys that have a DFA* 50/1.4, can you take a look at your contacts? And maybe take a picture how they should look?

Adam007 wrote:

So, I tried cleaning the contacts again. I noticed one of the two gold contacts on the lens was bent in the wrong direction (outward). I pressed it back into place, and voila! It looks like this:

Look closely at the contact on the left (just above the screw).

Two things: I assume this got bent while changing the lens, but I’ve changed lenses a zillion times, and this seems a bit unlucky. Also, I’m a little surprised there is no redundancy here; this contact is sill sticking out a bit from the lens body, and if it gets jostled again, it might not be such a quick fix.

Thanks to everyone, particularly those who insisted this sounded like a lens-body communication problem. And if anyone has suggestions about that stray contact (I think it’s best to leave well enough alone, but I don’t know), I’d love to hear from you.

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