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A brilliant place to be!

Willgo wrote:

Thanks for this.

I've bought a K1 precisely to use the astrotracer function so this post and your posts in the astrophotography forum will be very helpful and encouraging.

Now I just need to wait for a clear night, which leads me to my other problem, maybe I shouldn't have decided to live in the Isle of Skye, which whilst very scenic, is not renowned for its lack of clouds. Oh well.

What? You are so lucky you live there for the unpolluted dark skies (pollution from cars/industry and light).

I'm down below you in Ireland but the cloud does not always exist. The next most important aspect is to not have moonlight spoil astrophotography, it must be a New Moon or to have the moon about 10° degrees or more below the horizon.

I'll happily swap houses with you if you are up for it! 😁

Check out how lucky you are in astrophotography terms with this website...


You are also in a great spot for the Aurora Borealis although we are in solar minimum meaning less sun spots, minimal coronal mass ejections, solar wind etc. Basically very little strong aurora at our latitude.

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