M4/3 in low light

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Re: M4/3 in low light

mcabato wrote:

sawakura wrote:

I bought the A7III thinking it better in low light, but i found out there are many factor change with it and many misunderstand about it.

FF is better in low light, yes with more shallow DoF. No with the same DoF and FoV. Of course you will find it very hard to find a m43 lens with f0.9.

I do use a 0.95 /25mm voigtlaender lens (Manual Focus) and happy with it (Focus peaking works good enough for Situation requiring faster Focusing Speed). now I am thinking to aquire a 1.8/75mm and a bright 15mm to complete my low light indoor kit - my 1.8/45mm is fine, but for converts too short and for small Rooms too Long.

my 4/7-14 is fine, but f/1.2 for that range would be Optimum, but not existing, big and expensive.

br gusti

I'm happy with the 25mm f1.7.  i'm doing video work (review goods, mostly shooting on table), so for me, m43 is with deep DoF is an advantage, bought the a7iii for video but end up do photography with it (rarely(. Still happy with my Panasonic G7

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