Pentax have the highest dynamic range ?

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Alex Sarbu wrote:

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I do not understand why (and how!) the Pentax cameras should have higher/different dynamic range than the other brands' cameras using the same sensors and the same surrounding H/W. Software can't make miracles, and if yes, then all the makers would have already implemented it.

The hardware is not identical, even when the sensor is.


The PRIME IV accelerator chip is not a Pentax design/make,

It is a Socionext Milbeaut.

so for sure every other camera maker uses it.

Not quite all, but AFAIK Nikon does.

Or something very similar.

But the sensor and processor is not all there is in terms of hardware.

I'd think even a cleaner power supply would have an influence here. Or fine tuning the hardware more towards image quality and slightly less towards performance. Or many other components, all having their small impact.

Designing hardware that works with low voltages at high frequency is a black art. Simply moving a trace 1mm on a circuit board can make a difference in the amount of noise in a circuit. Even when the conversion from analog to digital occurs inside the sensor, as it does with the ones Pentax uses, the noise in the power supply and frequency of readout can affect the results just as Alex says. The differences will be subtle but measurable.

Clean power supplies... reminds me of high-end audio components. At least the cameras are running DC batteries and not AC mains.

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