Corel Aftershot Pro 2 Raw Problem

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Re: Corel Aftershot Pro 2 Raw Problem

Since Apple decided to stop supporting Aperture I have used several PP programs hoping to find just one program to replace it. I have tried DXO, ACDSee, Darktable, Lightroom, Picktorial, Aftershot Pro3 and most recently am trying Luminar 3.

Up to this point in time, Aftershot Pro 3 has consistently been my go-to PP software because it offers most of the things I want in one program.  It is not a perfect program for sure, and as many have said some things don't work well. It is by far the fastest program for editing lots of images. DXO and Darktable take me forever to process images. I do get good results from those programs but quickness in not their strong points. As for Lightroom, I don't like subscription based software. ACDSee Mac originally gave me many problems. Their newest version is so much better. It misses features I find important but what it has it does very well now that issues have been fixed. Lunimar 3 I got as a Christmas present. I am just now playing around with it. From what I have seen, it too is missing some important editing things I like. However, for special presets, it does a good job. The program is buggy at this point in time so I hope over a period those issues will be fixed. Picktorial 3 is another program I have used with both negative and positive things. It too leaves out editing options I find useful. What it does give you is a very clean interface for PP images.  All in all not a bad program it just misses the mark with me for several items I use all the time.

So, right now Aftershot Pro 3 is still my main image processor. I do hope they continue to upgrade that program. It hardly ever crashes on me, I like the layout and especially the slide program. It is fast as well.  For those limited images I that ASP3 cannot handle I use ACDSee or DT.

Here is hoping to get down to one program in 2019.  LOL

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