Corel Aftershot Pro 2 Raw Problem

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Re: Corel Aftershot Pro 2 Raw Problem

Good luck if that computer ever crashes. I started with Bibble and upgraded to AS Pro 2 years ago. Bibble at least had a CS number in Austin TX. Corel's is off shore and the accents are way too thick to understand. You ask for US based support and it does not exist. So you ask for someone that speaks English and after a long wait, get another worse accent. All they ever want you to do is upgrade. I guess they never have had a MoBo go out as they say after weeks that I have too many activations. BS. Their website says they respond in 24 hours. They do with an automated reply. Real answers are weeks apart. You might as well call a shut down government office. I picked up new rebuilt computer on 11/30/18 and have been trying to install AS Pro 2 ever since. So much for a "forever" program. Adobe looks better everyday

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