Best "portrait lens" for K-70?

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Re: Best "portrait lens" for K-70?

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Hi Oiche,

in Germany, Ebay runs a "classified ads" portal ( I just looked and found a 50-135 for 444 €. Then there are some Pentax forums like digitalfotonetz that have a market place (380 € like new).

But maybe, it is just a problem here in Germany, where Pentax's market share is decreasing. I wanted to by a K-1 in Kassel (200k inhabitants), but I found that the dealer did not sell Pentax anymore. Now I bought a demo unit for 1599 on the internet. On the other hand, the FF limiteds and zooms remain expensive.

Have a wonderful Christmas time!



Not just Germany, I can safely say you couldn't find a new Pentax camera in any shop on the island of Ireland.

But surprisingly I seen a used K3-11 in a 2nd hand games/electronics shop.

The internet has taken over, I had to buy my K30 and K70 from England where you could have walked in and bought a new Pentax.

Certainly here in Glasgow , we have Merchant City Cameras , who are Pentax Pro dealers and currently have new K-70 , KP and K-1 Mk II in stock .

I bought my K-1 a year ago from Great Western Cameras , and buy regularity from SRS Microsystems , Ffordes and Carmarthen Cameras , all of whom seem to have good stock .

In the UK , you can also buy directly from Pentax , through their online shop .

Many dealers now have eBay shops which are good for finding used equipment

Wex also advertise Pentax kit on their website , but apart from the 645Z I haven’t seen any on the shelf when I’ve gone into the Glasgow branch .

Wex recently opened in Belfast, actually what happened was they stuck a Wex sign on the Calumet store and nothing is different, they never did and still don't do Pentax. They sent me out an invite for the 'opening' week through the post but it has no purpose for me and I'm not part of their club. I have bought Pentax lenses from Wex online however. I've bought from SRS and other pro dealers too.

So continues the buying online without seeing and handling first. I'd need to get the boat to Scotland/England to do that.

The pentaxuser UK site is good for buying and selling.

Same in Glasgow - the Calumet branch became Wex , same staff , same stock .

Aside of the 645 I’ve never seen Pentax on display .

They are big on Sony although I have never seen anyone use a Sony DSLR. Last time I was in a camera club nobody had Sony but 3 of us were Pentaxians.

Not only that but the Wex/Calumet staff have absolutely no knowledge of Pentax. I once showed a staff member my K30 and DA15 Ltd and he looked at me as if it was a toy camera.

Something nice about the Pentax cult though. 😀

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