Still worth buying a new D500?

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redhed17 wrote:

David Lal wrote:

redhed17 wrote:

I'm not sure they will do a D500 replacement, or mirrorless DX camera any time soon, never mind a fast DX mirrorless camera. Either way they could lose a lot of sales to Sony by default.

.. Masashi Oka on the Nikon board. He may be unaware of the situation you describe and may be grateful for your insight.

There again, maybe not.

Oh are we not allowed an opinion now! :-/ Do I ever assume that Nikon read threads in forums on the internet, and particularly here! Of course not.

The D500 is currently the best overall cropped sensor camera, imho, with regards especially to AF, FPS and Buffer, and in other aspects it is normally quite close to being on a par or better than the opposition. That is why it is keeping it's price close to the release price in some country's.

How long this situation stays this way it is questionable, imho. 'If' the Sony a7000 specs I linked to are close to accurate, and it has the AF performance close to the a9, then this could push the D500 as the best overall cropped sensor camera, especially as now Sony is filling out their lens line up.

Now for some it is DSLR or nothing, for some it is Nikon or nothing, but Nikon are not #1, and we are told that mirrorless are the future, and the market shifting towards mirrorless seems to confirm that will be the case at some point.

If Nikon stick with the D500 as their performance crop sensor option for as long as the time between the D300S and the D500, it could be as dated as those two cameras are in comparison to whatever the opposition brings out. Their first foray into FF mirrorless doesn't fill me with confidence that they could do a mirrorless version of a crop mirrorless camera towards the D500 level. It's taken Sony three versions to get to a point where their FF mirrorless are a viable alternative to DSLRs for a lot of people.

It is just opinion of course. I have no expectation of what I say ever showing up on Nikon's radar. I am just putting forward an opinion on a forum set up for people to discuss things.

But to those that think that a manufacturer always knows better, no company is big enough to fail.

From the many reviews I've read nikons first foray into full frame Mirrorless has been rather good - frankly the reviews say better, much better than that. For a1st iteration they are better than sonys 1st iteration. Go buy the magazines and read the reviews

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