M4/3 in low light

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Re: M4/3 in low light

There are a few of things to consider.

There is not as much difference between low light performance of M4:3 and APS sensors as the Canikon duopoly want you to believe.

The D90 is more than 10 years old, so you're comparing a 10 year old design with a considerably newer one (although E-M10 Mark III does not have Olympus' newest sensor).

Depending on what you photograph, the in body image stabilization in Olympus might allow you to use a lower ISO in the same light compared to Canikon APS camera. I think the E-M10 Mk3 has three stop IBIS. This works great for static subjects like still lifes, cityscapes, landscapes etc but not for sports and moving subjects.

Finally, your lenses, whether the older Nikon or newer Olympus ones are not really low light lenses. For that you should be using fast primes. The 14-42 is f3.5 wide open. The 17mm f1.8 has a two stop advantage wide open. Assuming your shutter speed is constant, that's the difference between ISO1600 (with the 14-42) to ISO400 (with the 17mm f1.8). Or ISO3200 to ISO800 etc.

I work with the E-M1 Mark II and Pen-F bodies and they're not as clean at high ISO as the 24X36 sensor cameras (like 5D series, Nikon D6XX series etc) but they are competitive with the APS sensor cameras from Canikon.

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