M4/3 in low light

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Re: Depends on what you mean.

James Stirling wrote:

JaKing wrote:

Greg, all these photos (with one exception) are resized OoC JPEGs. Most are at ISO 3200, with a few at ISO 6400. Art gallery lighting ...


What looks like noise on a couple is actually just dust on the cars!

Lot of dust on the walls as well John Static art shots can of course really benefit from using the excellent IBIS option to shoot at much lower ISO's

There was indeed, Jim. We live on a dusty planet, specially applies here in Oz.

The curators/staff can brush the walls all they like, the dust settles on the cars, floors and walls. Visitors stir it up constantly from the floors, and it ends up back on the walls and cars. I see the same thing at car shows, and they usually have a 1:1 owner/car ratio to keep their own baby clean!

Also remember that these are OoC JPEGs with in-camera NR set to low.

Where there is genuine noise (and it is there at 100%), it can be removed quickly and easily in ACR. e.g.

Brabham F1 OoC JPEG with NR in ACR. The car has metallic paint ...

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