M4/3 in low light

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Re: M4/3 in low light

There are different way of shooting at night.

Shooting with a tripod, long(ish) exposure, base iso, no problems there I guess:

With the Laowa 7.5mm f2 shot at f5.6


Again the Laowa at f5.6.

Where it may become troublesome for shooters that want clean images, is night shots with more dynamic scenes, handheld. Here you definitely want to expose properly because m43 is not very forgiving pushing the darker areas. But it is not dramatic either! It is just two stops behind FF! Here is an example (in misty circumstances, so some noise might be mist):

Handheld, iso3200. I was able to freeze the action by using iso3200 and f2.8! Advantage in m43 is the greater DoF that I need for this shot, I did NOT have to stop down, as I would have needed to on FF!

Another one (misty again):

Again iso3200. Look at the poster on the box against the wall on the middle left. You can see detail. Shot at f5.6 to get greater DoF!

Here a slightly different shot at iso1600:

Iso1600. F5.6! 1/13th, IBIS helping out here shooting this handheld!

So, in all these shots, yes.... noise is visible! And you have to be careful pushing the darker areas! But... for me... and this is of course very subjective... I don't find the noise in these a problem! I can print these large without the noise becoming a problem. As clean as a FF... no... bare in mind that for the same DoF... you have to stop down the lens on FF two stops and increase the ISO two stops as well!!!! So the difference will not be as big as you might think!

Also, note that not all these shot use the widest aperture! So by raising the iso, you can shoot f5.6 if you want to get a bit more DoF! This also means that you are not bound to use fast lenses! Of course... it can help... but it is NOT a requirement!

Just be careful not to underexpose and pushing the darker areas in post can be troublesome.

Good luck making a choice.

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