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Re: M4/3 in low light

jmorrisuk wrote:


I'm struggling to find an answer regarding this and all i can really find is that M4/3 aren't great in low light due to the smaller sensor size which i completely understand, But what is the image quality actually like?

I'm changing over from a Nikon D90 where i mainly use a 18-300 when travelling, and shoot landscapes and street views, but also like to shoot at night and im wondering if the sensor size will rule this system out.

I was looking at this set up - Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III, 14-42mm & 40-150mm ED R as i can get a good deal on it at the moment but im just concerned about how it will perform at night.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Completely depends on which two cameras you are comparing and what exactly you will be shooting. I have owned many apsc and a few FF bodies. My D800 was pretty decent IQ in low light but the IBIS of my G9 makes it far superior any time im able to use a slow SS.

I have also owned the successor to your D90, the D7000 (owned 3 of them). I have also owned a GX7 (twice), a GX8, and still own an EM1 along with my G9. I have owned the D800 as i mentioned, and a D700 (twice), as well as 5 other apsc bodies, so i have a fair bit of experience comparing the three formats.

I also still have raws of most of the cameras i have owned, with the exception of my first ILC, the A33. If you are shooting low light fast moving subjects and can afford fast glass, the larger the sensor the better you are off. There's no getting around pure physical aperture.

But, if you are able to take advantage of the prevalent IBIS in MFT, it can easily make up for the size difference. There are some larger sensors with IBIS but none as good as what MFT offers and they tend to be the newest and higher priced.

One last thing is lenses. A camera has to have a lens, so compare the lenses you can and would buy in MFT against what you would be using for another system like Nikon. I tend to shoot a lot of lowlight, indoors. As i have said i have owned as advanced as a D800 and im happy deciding to stick with MFT only. Here's a few shots of a few different MFT cameras in lower light.

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