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I'm struggling to find an answer regarding this and all i can really find is that M4/3 aren't great in low light due to the smaller sensor size which i completely understand, But what is the image quality actually like?

I'm changing over from a Nikon D90

Assuming similar sensor QE (Quantum Efficiency), 4/3rd image viewed at the half the size of FF image would show exactly the same ISO performance as the FF sensor.

Except he said Nikon D90, which isn't what you refer to as "FF".

The D90 is DX format aka APS-C which is roughly 24x16mm, while "FF" is FX format aka 35mm which is 36x24mm.

From 1" to m43 is 1 stop.

From m43 to APS-C is 1 stop.

From APS-C to 35mm is 1 stop.

From 35mm to "medium format" (Fuji/Hassy 43.8 x 32.9mm) is 1 stop.

1 stop is the equivalent of halving or doubling the light (depending whether you are losing or gaining 1 stop).

I did looked up D90 and realized that it's a DX format.

However, I was explaining how the noisiness of image is really the function of the viewing image size not the sensor module size difference. In other words, if the pixel size and technology are about the same, when viewed at 100% crop, the noisiness of the image would look about same regardless of the sensor module size. So, it's not as straight forward as saying 1.5x crop factor result in 1 stop difference.

A sensor pixel will record the exact same amount of noisiness (shot noise) at the given EV, regardless if it's part of 1" sensor or part of MF sensor.

It should also be pointed out that if the FOV and DOF are normalized, a larger sensor does not provide any ISO advantage over a crop sensor.

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