Still worth buying a new D500?

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Re: Still worth buying a new D500?

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I’ve been holding off on getting one, but would really like to. Figured that two years after launch the cost would have dropped a lot.

But, the D500 has been out for over two years. And, the price hasn’t dropped much. Think Nikon will release an upgraded version? Or drop the price?

Is it worth buying one new now?



If the D500 was worth buying 6 months or more ago, why wouldn't it be worth buying now? Are there shots you CAN'T get unless you have that D500? Then it's worth buying now. The price hasn't dropped all that much because it is still selling fairly well. Not as good as initially, no. But there's still nothing else quite comparable to it on the market just yet. Canon will PROBABLY equal it, in at least some ways, relatively soon, but I don't think they have done so, yet. Nikon MAY be introducing a replacement soon, when they announce the D6, as the D500 and D5 were announced together. But, there's no guarantee of that, and to be honest, I've not seen ANYTHING to indicate they will do so. Of course, there was also NOTHING to indicate the D500 was coming when it DID come, so...

Point being that if the D500 fills your needs, then buy it. Even if there IS a replacement announced along with the D6, it's VERY hard to tell when it will be available in large enough numbers. And, just to be clear, the replacement MIGHT be a mirrorless model, as well. I SERIOUSLY doubt that to be the case just yet, but it IS a possibility.


If the replacement is mirrorless I doubt it will have the capabilities of AF-C focusing of the D500.


Doubtful it would, true. But, I also don't think they're going fully mirrorless for quite a while. I think there's at least ONE more generation of DSLR in Nikon with the higher-level cameras. I also think a higher-level set of Z cameras are coming out soon, but there are...issues with them fully replacing a high-end DSLR just yet that are not quite worked out. Supplement, yes. Replace? No. Not yet.


If rumours are true, then Nikon could be way behind Sony with a crop sensor mirrorless as they are with the FF mirrorless.

I'm not sure they will do a D500 replacement, or mirrorless DX camera any time soon, never mind a fast DX mirrorless camera. Either way they could lose a lot of sales to Sony by default.

Sony has absolutely nothing in an APS-C body comparable to the D500. The closest APS-C competitor is the Fuji X-T3, which is limited by Fuji's lack of serious sports and wildlife lenses. You have to take lens selection into account when evaluating a system and the array of options - both consumer and professional - available to the D500 simply leaves any mirrorless pretenders in the dust. The D500 remains unsurpassed as the best APS-C sports & wildlife camera body on the planet. It's not going to be obsoleted by anything Nikon or anyone else releases for the next five years or more.

I couldn't agree more.  Well said.

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