Nikon Z6, Z7 and Canon EOS R low-light ISO scores?

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Re: Nikon Z6, Z7 and Canon EOS R low-light ISO scores?

Slaginfected wrote:

Maarten Droogne wrote:

Slaginfected wrote:

Maybe another note: Its funny how the topic of high ISO is always approached with "noise" (although the actual meaning is more along the lines of "grain" or "graininess"). The reason why I mention that is that actual noise is causing color distortions and limits your post-processing latitude.

Is this "actual noise" a different set of specifics than the ones were talking about here? Or what do you mean?

You do have like 2 major noise "sources" in digital photography. One is the shot noise, which is a property of the light, and is the major contributing factor to what people call noise (aka grain) in their high ISO images. All things equal (sensor size, tech of the sensor, exposure, output size), regardless of the resolution of the sensor you should get the same perceived noise (= grain) in the end in your images. Note that this is within bounds, because of ...

Hey, sorry for taking so long to reply! Very busy!

When you say 'regardless of resolution', I'm still not sure about how to interpret this. I'm particulary interested in comparing the noise from the A7R III when cropped to the same resolution as the A7III. You would take 'less space' of the sensor, so the noise goes up? Or is this not the case? In any case, if you zoom in on a picture, the noise definetely stands out more, so this would also be the case going from 40+ MP to 24MP no? The chart seems to confirm this thought, but still.. It would mean considering the A7R III ,because I could crop it to the same size as the A7 III but with a huge crop factor, is not a valid argument because of the increased noise?

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