Still worth buying a new D500?

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Re: Still worth buying a new D500?

Ricardo00 wrote:

hikerdoc wrote:

He could also get it new for under $1800 with free OEM grip, card, bag, and full NikonUSA warranty through the same dealer. That would be my preference.

Note that Nikon is still selling the D810 at a couple hundred dollars below original price at this date well over a year since it was replaced by D850. Note also several lesser models still available at close to cost of their replacements. With these trends, if the OP needs a D500, it is not likely to be found much cheaper than with current promotions anytime soon.


For a little more work, the OP could purchase the bundle with the 16-80mm lens and then sell this lens (as well as the grip) and use this to offset the price D500. I was an early buyer who got the D500 when it was first announced (April, 2016) for $1,999) without any of these extras. So, in my mind, with these bundles, the price of the D500 has dropped considerably!

Exactly what I did.  Purchased a very nice D500 with 16-80 and 55-200 on Ebay for $1525.  Sold the 16-80 for $600 and the 55-200 for $200 ending up with the D500 body for $725.  Added a 24-70 and a 70-200 for shooting grandkids sports.

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