Ethanol or isopropanol for cleaning the CCD?

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Re: Ethanol or isopropanol for cleaning the CCD?


The only thing I know about isopropyl alcohol that what you get in a bottle at the drug store sold as 'rubbing alcohol' and called isopropyl alcohol is that it's not pure isopropyl alcohol. I used it to clean a sensor on my printer and the problem got worse. Called tech support and they told me to use the pure stuff (for the printer) you find in an electronics store. Seems that rubbing alcohol has lanolin which leaves a greasy smear (not what you'd really want on the ccd)

claus wrote:

I wrote in some messages, that they prefer ethanol, but a friend
(chemist) told me, isopropanol might be more carefully.

Did anybody have bad experiences using ethanol (95%) and using the
follwing way to clean his CCD:

Yours, Claus

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