Olympus 25mm 1.2 vs PanLeica 25mm 1.4: AF speen on G9

Started Dec 26, 2018 | Discussions thread
007peter Forum Pro • Posts: 12,537
Panasonic DFD don't work with Olympus lens!

James Pilcher wrote: Does DFD even kick in with the older (circa 2011) PanaLeica 25mm f/1.4?

I have both len

read this: https://camerajabber.com/panasonic-dfd-focusing-explained/

In order for DFD technology to work the camera needs to know the level of micro contrast that a lens can achieve and understand its bokeh, the quality of the out of focus areas. For this reason DFD focusing is only compatible with Panasonic’s lenses

Panasonic G9 DFD a Panasonic lens

Panasonic G9 DFD is turn off when mounted with Olympus 25 F/1.2 PRO

If you the Fastest Possible G9 AF speed, buying a Panasonic lens to engage DFD is a must.

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