My Review - Much better than I had expected (excited about this camera)

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My Review - Much better than I had expected (excited about this camera)

Rather than inserting images here, please see my fairly large gallery of 'sample' photos I've made with my Z7 over the last 2 months HERE .

As I said in the title, the Z7 is much better than I had imagined it would be.  When I first saw the announcement in the past and read about the specs and features, I wasn't super impressed.  But I gave it more thought later on (thinking I would just keep my Sony a7R III / 24-105 f/4 combo) and the idea of the Z6 or Z7 started to appeal to me more and more.  Why?...I'll admit, I do 'prefer' Nikon but I've owned and used many mirrorless cameras since 2011 and really enjoyed them - Sony, Nikon (V1 / V2), Olympus, Panasonic and Fuji.  None of those were a large sensor Nikon though and I always kept hoping Nikon would finally bring one to the market AND it be something they didn't intentionally hamper 'too much' to protect their DSLR camera sales.

So anyway, about 1 month after the official release date of the Z7 I decided to go ahead with it.  I sold my a7R III and the only two lenses I had for it.  For my style of photography, I couldn't be happy with that decision.  The Z7 feels so much better/comfortable and the EVF is absolutely better than the a7R III (but I'd say the a7R III has the next best EVF - was never really impressed with the G9 EVF because it seemed to have some kind of distorted view to it on the edges like they just pushed the size a little too far).    The Z7's image quality is outstanding and using the camera is just a joy.  The overall experience is great.

Regarding my 'style' of photography, I mostly just walk around and shoot whatever I find interesting or beautiful and almost always handheld.  The IBIS is the Z7 is far better than I imagined also.  I'd say it's actually getting pretty close to the GH5's IBIS.  For a full frame sensor, I think Nikon did an outstanding job on the IBIS!  I was always afraid to go to 1/15th too often on the a7R III because I just wasn't able to be consistent with it but with the Z7, I feel pretty safe using 1/15th sec for photos like in a museum or other darker places.  Just about every time the image is nice and sharp even when viewed at 100%.  I don't got on dedicated photography trips, so all my photos come from family vacations/short trips or me out walking around in the garden or something like that.  Being able to get great photos quickly without using a tripod is important for me.  I do occasionally get enough time to use a tripod, but still I'm talking about walking up to the scene, dropping a tripod and getting out of there within 20 minutes.  I can't keep the others waiting too long.

I'm excited about the Z7 and can't wait to get out on some trips in 2019 with good weather and good light.  I know now the Z7 will absolutely server me well.

I'm going to give it 5 stars because it does what I need it to do extremely well.  I'm not shooting sports or fast action and I'm not normally in a situation in low light where I can't find anything lit with a little light to focus on, so those things don't matter much to me.  I do think the focus issues have been a little overblown though.  Need a fast action sports camera?...well, no the Z7 isn't a fast action sports camera and I don't think I've seen any marketing material from Nikon touting its fast action AF capabilities.  I don't think I'm excusing Nikon for the AF, but I'm just saying they didn't market the camera that way and that's not the way I'm using it, so I can't 'fault' Nikon for the AF system that's not technically as good as the a7R III or the D850 and others.  Keep your true needs in mind when you're buying a camera (check several reviews from reputable sources and try it yourself it possible) and you'll end up with a camera that makes you very, very happy (like me).       You might find you like a Sony, Canon, Fuji or other brand better for your needs and guess what...that's ok, if that's what meets your needs.  You're buying a camera for yourself or your business, not for anyone else.

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