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Re: Capture One 12 - Image Alchemist 10% discount

I don't know where you live, but in the US the upgrade price was $99 two years ago. Last year, it jumped to $119. Now it's $149. That is a 50% increase in just 2 years. Factoring in the disappearing 10% discount codes, it becomes over 67% increase (89/149). Buy-in price has been a constant $299. So, loyal customers like myself who have upgraded every cycle from v7 to v11 are the ones getting shafted the most. So, back to LR for me.

C1P has some great tools, but also is lagging in many. Most of the masking advances in V12 have already come to LR. The adjustment brush in LR works far better with auto mask. C1 has a limit of 100 dust spots per image. The clone/heal layers can only have a single source point per layer. Seriously? That's nowhere near $150/year software IMO.

Ironically, I bought C1 to learn as a hedge against Adobe price-gouging with the PS/LR subscription. So far, they haven't. It's Phase One who is the gouger of its most loyal customers.


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