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Wait for Some SX70 Bird Photos(if you can)

Taffbirder wrote:

Hi . I'm looking for a bridge camera for birding , point and shoot on the move with a monopod , for around £500 or less . I thought I'd made up my mind with the SX70 but am having second thoughts after reading the forums . I also like the look of the HX400v and was wondering if anyone has any thoughts , negative/positive , on its suitability for my uses or whether the SX70 is the way to go . Thanks .

There's not enough bird photos made public to judge image clarity on the new camera yet.  DPreview doesn't usually review superzooms from a bird watching perspective, so it's better to search Flickr.

If jpeg IQ is good on the SX70 for small birds at a distance, I would go that route due to the bigger, better EVF.  I've seen excellent results from both SX50 & 60, so it should be similar.

I have and like the HX400, but I'm on the second copy because the first one broke(stabilization error E:62:10).  Sony directed me to Precision Camera for repair, but they couldn't fix it, so Sony sent a replacement. IQ is ok for stills and video is excellent.  I've since moved on to the Nikon P900 & now P1000.  For birds, optical reach can never be long enough.

Since you're specifically looking for a birding camera, you might want to reconsider the P900.  The 2000mm lens allows you to 'punch' through the limbs and leaves to zero in on small birds.  Not only that, there is a scene mode labeled 'bird-watching' that is unique to Nikon that is perfect for what you want.  Other people scoff or laugh at it, but they're just being bullies. 

Best of luck with your decision.  It's nice to have choices!  I'll drop in a few shots from the HX400 below.  If you search my flickr photostream, you find a 'few' P900 images to browse.  Of course, you'll have to wade through the P1000 photos first.  Wish I had the SX70 to compare.

Happy Holidays!

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