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Re: These menu changes helped a lot for how I shoot

j_photo wrote:

mgblack74 wrote:

Hmm, after 3 weeks I discovered these adjustments which helped a lot:

1. AF-C & Dynamic

2. Change AF tracking to “Quick” and from video to “always” (this was the biggest improvement for me)

3. Turn off AF delay. Bascially you want it to not ignore distractions in the frame. You want AF to adjust always without delay.

These three things are the closest I’ve been able to get to to replicate how I set up my D850. I’ve been able to track wedding processions coming at me with a 105 1.4 set at f/2.

This is helpful. What do you mean by 2... video to "always" and 3. Turn off AF delay?

Menu a3 “Focus with lock on” Quick 1...... Slow 5. Set to Quick

Menu g4 “AF Speed” -5 Slower...... +5 Faster. Set to +5. Here is the key. “When to apply?”  “Always?” Or “Only When Recording?” Set to Always.

Menu g5 AF tracking sensitivity. Set to “High”.

This combination and AF-C Dynamic resulted in a much faster AF tracking experience.

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