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Re: I live in "the states" [sic] and I don't know anyone who has gone, or...

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I live in "the states" [sic] and I don't know anyone who has gone, or would go, to a store such as Best Buy without knowing which and what level channels they get. Usually the employees will be informed about it as well, and, of course, the websites of the providers. I use big computer monitors instead of a TV, but I looked into getting a large TV a couple of years ago; it took about five minutes to learn if anything was broadcast in 4K, and also how the nearby mountains would affect local channel reception in the case of power and/or cable/internet reception loss.

When I was looking for a new apartment two years ago, all of the property management offices also had this information, as they were asked all of the time.

I will help you out. No TV is broadcast on 4k, with the exception of some one-off events, such as the Olympics. However, 4k content is readily available for streaming on Netflix, You Tube, Prime video, and other OTT services.

When I bought a 4K TV a couple months ago, I upgraded Netflix, and after a week with almost no 4K content that worth the time, I downgraded back!

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