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Nikon 50/1.8S Added to Comparisons

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

Marianne Oelund wrote:

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

FKS wrote:

There's still some coma at the edges of the frame, but much better than the 50mm 1.8G.

No its not better its worse. I am currently using a 50 1.8g on an astro cam and its performance is really good wide open in the corners.


1. Lights in this example are not true point sources.

2. Focus cannot be optimized to minimize coma (distances vary).

3. Exposure, in terms of number of stops beyond saturation, is unknown.

4. Valid comparison requires same sensor size and resolution.

Yes its hardly scientific and I am not saying that overall the 50 1.8 new lens is not better as the older cheaper 50 1.8g has a harsh digital type render which I used to find unpleasant but its actually an excellent astro lens:


The sensor that was used in this shot is 36mm x 36mm in size so larger than full frame and the corners were perfect.

That little cheapie nifty 50 is one sharp and well made lens.

But yes after seeing the Gordon Laing shots it was an error to judge its astro performance based on some specular highlights in the corners.

It may well be excellent for astro. I hope so as a big part of the argument for the large mount is better corner performance from lenses.


The ever-accommodating (and tolerant) staff at Kenmore Camera assisted me with some tests today, so now I can show how the new 50/1.8 S stacks up against some of my other 50's for corner IQ and freedom from coma.

I would say it's easily my new reference standard for coma . . .

100% crops from Z7

100% crops at D800E resolution, plus 50/1.8 S also at Z7 resolution (bottom)

Coma performance at f/2 meets my standards for astro.  Never seen anything like this.

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- Marianne

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