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Re: 4K?

sybersitizen wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

... the visible difference in REAL (not fake, aliased) detail is huge. I can see clear differences in a 4k image and a 2k version of it on my 39" 4k monitor from 18 feet away, and my vision is nothing like it used to be.

Does anyone else here want to make that kind of claim? I'm curious.

There are some phenomena in which my claim would be ridiculous, I agree. If I said that I could see a B&W one-pixel-check checkerboard pattern at 4K from 18 feet away, rather than a solid grey, I would find it just as ridiculous as you do.

IMO, that's what people think of as "appreciable resolution" and where most anecdotes about the limits of human perception come from: bleeding light in all directions annihilating simple fine resolution patterns, but that has absolutely nothing to do with how the eyes and brain can appreciate the properly-located weighted center of an edge or point of light that is not buried in a tight repeating pattern of fine details.

The scenario that people think is the limit of perception (seeing grey instead of checks) is only the limit of seeing checks, and not the limit of any edge placements.

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