Enjoy your Holidays at ISO 4000, GFX50R with GF45

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Enjoy your Holidays at ISO 4000, GFX50R with GF45

Good morning guys,

First of all, I wish you the best for the Holidays with some happy photo shooting.

Here is another full resolution sample that was taken with the GFX50R+GF45 at f/2.8 / ISO 4000. The photo was processed via C1, v11.3.1 with default noise reduction.

A few points I want to make:

(i) The GF45 has little distortion to begin with, but for this shot, I had to do some tweaks via C1 as I was not perfectly aligned with the window frame. Obviously, by doing so, you lose a bit in resolution but not much, the image still has 8220 x 6165 pixels. There is virtually no chromatic aberration, and little vignetting. Fuji has not been fracking around with this lens. I found the Canon 35 mm f/1.4 ii to be a superb lens, but that GF45 is even superior to anything I have had thus far.

(ii) The noise is extremely well controlled. Top class I would say.

(iii) At ISO 4000, the amount of details remains impressive. Just check the snowman at 100% view. You can even see it was MADE IN CHINA!

Overall, the angry photographer was right, for ultimate image quality, this is probably one of the best camera (for still photography) available in the market. More importantly, it is affordable.

Additional notes: dpreview still thinks it is an old sensor tech  No review yet.



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