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Re: 4K?

Stemu wrote:

The reason why we see big difference between 1080p and 4k today is that 1080p video quality in consumer cameras suck bad time. And most of the streaming video suck too due to low bit rate like in youtube. Perfect optimal 1080p quality is actually very good and would be quite sufficient for most of us.

That's circumstantially and statistically true, but many of us have seen low-compression 2K, and it doesn't compare to the best 4k for video, and for displaying still images, the visible difference in REAL (not fake, aliased) detail is huge. I can see clear differences in a 4k image and a 2k version of it on my 39" 4k monitor from 18 feet away, and my vision is nothing like it used to be. The less pixels on screen to show the higher MPs from your camera, the more aliasing you get, and the more that any visible acuity seen is actually artifact.

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