Lightroom for Mac v6.14 and Mojave.

Started Dec 23, 2018 | Discussions thread
Shrey Regular Member • Posts: 146
Re: Lightroom for Mac v6.14 and Mojave.

Nothing to worry about.

Lightroom 6, and for that matter Lightroom 5, are both 64bit, so will continue to work post Mojave (unless something else breaks them)

Lightroom 6 was only available as 64bit.

In fact the Mac version went 64bit before the windows version.

People need stop panicking about the loss of 32bit app usage in future versions of macOS. Apple have been warning users and developers that this was going to happen for years.

Yes we are going to loose some 'essential' apps, that we couldn't live without. Same thing happened when Apple went from Motorola  to PowerPC and again to Intel.

I personally found alternative and better ways of doing things, with the loss of essential life or death apps.

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