How to compare lens sharpness on different formats?

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Re: How to compare lens sharpness on different formats?

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

Robbo338 wrote:

Can you show an example and/or prove this? I see this idea thrown around all the time, but I think it's based on some false assumptions and not actually true in practice.

Maybe you think wrong, or have been misled.

There is an interesting side by side test in the current N Photo magazine (probably available in USA) of the Z7, Z6 and with the D750 and D7200 included for comparison.

The lens used is not mentioned, though it is likely an FX lens on all 4 cameras.

In this comparison the D7200 compared to D750 the D7200 scores about 2.5 % more for resolution at 100 ISO, they are equal resolution at 200, 400, 800 and 3200 resolution, the D750 is about 2.5% better at 1,600, 6400 and 12,800, and the D7200 "falls of a cliff" at 25,600.

Unless you shoot mainly at 25,600 for practical purposes the resolution difference between D7200 and D750 seems negligible outside of a camera testing laboratory.

My experience of shooting DX alongside FX for many years starting with the D3 & D300 using mainly FX lenses is that, for the same MP and similar technology, resolutions in the field is the opposite of what you think is a false assumption.

In the same comparison the D7200 equals or beats the D750 to 800 ISO for dynamic range, is about a quarter of a stop behind at 1600 and 3200 and about 1 stop behind at 6400, 12,800 and 25,600.

You can often shoot 1 stop wider with DX for the same dog as FX. If you can work this way DX can have greater or equal dynamic range at any ISO.

Thanks for the info Leonard. Do you have a link to this text from N Photo magazine? I think that this would be an interesting reading...

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