Old Fashioned, GFX50R, 45mm and Bokeh...

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Old Fashioned, GFX50R, 45mm and Bokeh...

Good morning guys,

Hope the holiday celebration is going well.    While working on a grant proposal, I am trying to find as much time as possible working on the GFX50R, which is a camera that requires more time that I have at the moment.

Last night, I shot this photo quickly while trying to play with the camera a bit.  This time, the camera was standing on the countertop of the bar, and the shot was take under poorly lit conditions.   I use the timer function (+2 s) and set the ISO at its minimum native sensitivity (i.e., ISO 100).

I attached the full res here so feel free to download the file.

A few things that strike me:

(i) the 45 mm is tack sharp wide open.   Superb actually.   Every little details in the in-focus area (which is very thin on this sample) are very explicit.   Simply lovely.

(ii) the transition between the in-focus and out-of-focus areas is very smooth.  Really like this

(iii) the bokeh is relatively good for a 45 mm, a bit of the cat eye effect toward the outside of the frame, but it does not distract me much.   OveralI found the bokeh to be smooth.  Your thoughts?

(iv) the .raf files are so easy to handle in C1 (v11.3.1).   The starting point was using the Fujifilm GFX 50R Generic ICC profile and Film Extra Shadow as the curve.  A lot to recover if necessary.

Question: is there any point to move to C1 v12?  I am not sure I will be willing to spend extra $$$ for it!

Thoughts and feedback are obviously welcome!  I will add a short write up to my blog later tonight, as well as another "My Settings Part II" article.

Now back to the grant proposal



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And back to Analog Photography as well, oh well!
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