Old Prime or new lens for Sony A7mk3

Started Dec 20, 2018 | Questions thread
Rol Lei Nut Veteran Member • Posts: 5,155
Re: Old Prime or new lens for Sony A7mk3

Chester McCheeserton wrote:

olstrup wrote:

....the 35 and 50mm type IV Summicron and Summilux which are excellent non aspherical lenses also on Sony A7X).

not to hijack the thread here, but Olstrup or Rol, wondering what either of you do when using 35 Summicron v4 on the A7r3 in terms of applying a lens profile corrections in lightroom?

I usually don't.

Actually I use Capture One, but I still rarely use profiles for most of my manual lenses.

Distortion is rarely so bad that it needs to be corrected. Same with vignetting, which is sometimes simply part of the photo's "mood".

It's an issue though, when I'm hand holding the lens at like F4 and shooting in fog, snow, or otherwise, light even background. I'm not worried about distortion (which is prob nill anyway) but that vignetting can sometimes be distracting. Do you fellows just use the 35 cron asph profile?

In cases like that, I apply vignetting correction by eye.

Vignetting will be different for each f-stop anyway and those lenses don't send lens information to the camera, so a fully automatic profile won't work.

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