Old Prime or new lens for Sony A7mk3

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Re: Old Prime or new lens for Sony A7mk3

olstrup wrote:

I don't use LR anymore but when I did, I didn't use any lens profile and I still don't. Distortion correction of the lens is excellent (a hallmark of those older Leica lenses) so I don't find any sofware correction necessary. As for vignetting it is most pronounced wide open and diminishes as the lens is stopped down. I apply correction as needed - if needed - on an individual picture basis. It's fast - only a matter of pulling a slider.

Okay – Thanks for letting me know.  I'm aware of the stopping down bit, but handheld it becomes an issue as I'd rather shoot at iso 100 at F4 then 400 at F8 in anticipation of printing as large as I can.

The built in slider for vignetting in LR doesn't seems to match how the lens actually falls off at wider apertures.  Just trying to research a bit before belly flopping into that 22 page pdf and spending hours on planet earth printing test charts to make my own profile for the pictures when I do need it.

I do like the summicron on the sony, manual focus is unforgiving when trying to photograph people moving around at close distances though.

and to the OP: in unscientific testing think my Pentax K 28mm holds it's own in terms of across the board sharpness with a rented 21mm loxia ... manual focus nikkor 50mm 1.8 pankcake is solid too...

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