Old Prime or new lens for Sony A7mk3

Started Dec 20, 2018 | Questions thread
Rol Lei Nut Veteran Member • Posts: 5,155
Re: Old Prime or new lens for Sony A7mk3

tampajay wrote:

I just purchased the Sony A7m3. 24mp is enough for me. I enjoy landscape photography. I usually make 11X14 photographs to hang on the wall.

Sony and Zeiss have come up with some great modern prime lenses that I am considering.

I was also wondering what would be the quality of the the results using a 20 year old Zeiss T* Distagon 35mm f2.8 prime lens from my old 35mm film camera (Contax 137md)? I know it would not take advantage of the autofocus and many of the features of the camera. But what about the resolution and sharpness of the lens?

Very good lens with a very flat field for a 35mm. One of the best for landscape use.

I use it without the slightest hesitation on my A7RII.

Don't listen to anyone who might say "it wasn't made for high resolution sensors". Used at f/5.6 or beyond, the only advantages the better current lenses could have are slightly better flare resistance and nicer sunstars.

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