What is a good RAW converter for the Huawei P20 PRO?

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Re: What is a good RAW converter for the Huawei P20 PRO?

From I2K4: The few third-party camera apps I use haven't been updated for over a year - I suspect because developers can't figure out how to deal with so many changing models. One of those is Camera FV-5, which produces large PNG files that to my eyes render better on screen (never printed phone shots) than JPEGs from my camera - PNG has the advantage over RAW of reproducing the in-camera JPEG settings. No experience, but I suspect these older apps won't work so well on current phone hardware.

To I2K4:

For what it's worth: I installed the (appropriately named) 'Time Lapse' time lapse app, and it works really well on my phone's camera. So far, I have no idea which of the 3 lenses/sensors it uses. I tried to insert a demonstrative time lapse scene herein, but DPReview apparently only allows such when derived from YouTube and Vimeo.

I looked up the 'Camera FV-5' app, and it looks good; however, in this P20 PRO phone's already embedded PRO mode, I already have similar settings available, albeit perhaps a bit more awkward to actually set. But thanks for the lead.

Bye,  Andy.

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