What is a good RAW converter for the Huawei P20 PRO?

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Re: What is a good RAW converter for the Huawei P20 PRO?

Hello I2K4: Thank you for referring me to the RAW converters you mentioned herein.

I have in fact found the Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) in my PC; it automatically opens when I click on a Huawei P20 Pro 76 MB RAW file as the Adobe PSE 11 is already open. I experimentally edited a picture, and it worked out OK.

I also experimentally opened the Capture One program that Sho-Bud suggested in another thread, but found it to be quite simplistic, as I remember it now.

I also tried the SnapSeed converter, but wasn't that overwhelmed by it.

As mentioned before, in the end, I had installed the FastStone Image Viewer, and found it to be quite practical, editing the same RAW image(s) as in the other programs.

All the above of course in conjunction with my Adobe PSE 11.

I must admit though, that in the meantime I then intentionally also edited one straight, simultaneously-taken same-scene 3.88 MB JPG P20 image in PSE 11, to compare the final 1920x1080p (projection) results to a RAW conversion, and to my disappointment once again found that there was no real discernible practical difference in the end result, when seen at 100%.

Mostly, I continue to enjoy the Huawei P20 PRO camera, even with its quirks. I love the NIGHT mode. Hopefully, though, Huawei will soon issue an update, to substantially reduce the at times noticeable in-camera sharpening/corrections. But I also wish that the PRO mode with all its enticing adjustments would finally result in better or at least equal results as now available from the (so-called tyro) PHOTO mode.

Bye, Andy.

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