The Sigma 500mm F4 DG OS HSM Sport - sample images

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Re: The Sigma 500mm F4 DG OS HSM Sport - sample images

Hi Frank, the 150-600 sounds far superior to their 50 -500 os, which I still have and keep meaning to put on eBay. I loved the versatility, but it wasn't great wide open. f8 was very acceptable though.

Many of the reviews of the Sigma 500 f4 say it produces some of the nicest subject isolation they've ever seen.
I've found a mint condition Canon 300 2.8 ii at the local shop, and having looked through it's performance with converters, on The Digital Picture charts, I think it could be the most light weight and versatile option.
Even with a 2x converter and stopped down just 1/3 of a stop, it still looks very sharp, and with a 1.4x  it will give me an extra stop and 40mm on the 100-400 ii, which apparently measures 380mm in reality.

It's a tough choice when spending that much money, but I'll stick with APSC cameras all the while they're available, so the 300 and converters will give me three very handy focal lengths.
All the best.

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