The problem with small sensor super zoom cameras

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SX50 vs SX70...The Problem with folks at DPreview :)

Richard Feynman wrote:

Simon97 wrote:

After a new superzoom camera is released, you hear the same old bellyaches about image quality...

Welcome to know, they did start this Website t o compare and review the image quality (and features) of every camera they get.

So why the surprise when the readers do the same thing???

Personally I think these cameras can be fun and you can get images that other cameras don't have the reach for in a small package. with many other Superzooms. SX70 now compared to those. Making sense yet?

You just can't expect perfection.

As if anyone does...with ANYTHING ??

My car...nothing it perfect..starting with ME..and no one expects anything to be perfect...or do they, lol.

As a complete newbie who wants exactly that - fun - I just purchased an SX-70.

That's what you will get...loads of fun!

However after reading these forums I'm already starting to have buyers remorse even before it arrives tomorrow. Not because it's not perfect, but because I've been reading people say the SX50 has better image quality.

Seems the SX50 does. You'll see when they do the review here. Then compare the two.

At first I just assumed that was typically hobbyist craziness, as hobbyists can get pretty obsessed about minutia. But then I started Googling for sample images, and I'm pretty stunned by the difference. Now I'm thinking I should find a used SX50 for my "fun".

Only you can answer that. You will love the I.Q. Proven..Fact. will miss out on many features the SX70 offers that the SX50 can't.

some of those features will enhance the fun factor , when using the SX70.

For me looking at the SX50 images there is nothing to bellyache about. Within whatever its limitations are it can produce stunning output at least to my untrained eyes.

Indeed. Hard to argue the facts...our eyes don't lie.

But then I look at even the best of the SX70 images I've seen so far, and all around every single image I see nothing but noise .

Yep..and a smearing of far every shot posted has this , to some degree.

Anyhow, I am a little off topic. I am wondering if I shoot raw I'll be able to get images like the SX50?

Probably not, as the sensor in the SX50 was excellent.

RAW will gain you more details, avoiding the NR smearing.

Folk here not ever owning the SX50...well...they are clueless, or so it seems.

SX50 is the standard that superzooms  are compared against.


Because, as you noted...the results...that's why.

I.Q. potential is better , than with SX60 and SX70.

jpeg...or RAW...doesn't matter. They don't use that sensor in the SX50 any more, nor the lens.  If they used that 12MP sensor, with these features of the me up!

Sure there will be folk out there getting good shots from the SX70...but it wont have the same level of I.Q.  They will have to work at it, post process...maybe be forced to shoot RAW, just to avoid the NR smearing,  that's obvious.

I've been trying to get the same I.Q. as my SX50 with the Nikon P610...the FZ70...and now the FZ80.

Nothing beats the SX50 (for me) , for I.Q.  It's a combo of colors, detail and low noise, and the grain of the noise.

If not for the terribly slow AF, lame EVF and blackout between frames, shooting a burst..I might still have it.

Different with the last two SX's. They just don't seem to have that I.Q.

Real world field tests will show this.

Still, this should not take away the fun factor of the SX70.

Feature loaded..and the fun factor is there, regardless of I.Q.

Folk who complain about us complaining...just don't get why DPreview was made.

It's a review site, that compares cameras..critically...with tests, and comparisons.

Why all the uproar and surprise when we call out what we see?

Buyer remorse...Buyer defending their they pretend everything it fine?

My FZ80 also has noise issues..BUT, it has more detail at base ISO, than the images shown so far from the SX70. (jpegs)

Maybe because one can lower the NR to -5.

They SX70 should have an adjustment for NR. I am surprised that, from what others are saying...there is none ??

As I do like the other improvements on SX70 such as better EVF. But so far I have not seen a single image from the SX70 that is not full of noise.

Noise ...and NR smearing....that's worse, as it removes detail.

I warned few folks not to get their hopes too high about the SX70.

Great features , zoom range, fps busts, 4K video, good EVF with eye sensor.

We are not seeing anything great from the SX70...with regards to I.Q. ....yet.

Will one have to shoot RAW to show us the what the lens is capturing?

Seems so.

always good not to be the first to buy a new product.

Good things come to those who wait.

I am in no rush

disappointed...but not surprised.

No intention to offend anyone.



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