Z7: rubber wearing off on the grip?

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Re: Z7: rubber wearing off on the grip?

On that note (not hygiene), considering you are experiencing what seems like somewhat abnormal wear, do you have any theories why it's occurring?

Do you have large-ish hands? Do you typically shoot one-handed? Do you tend to use heavier/larger lenses that might put more pressure on a certain point of the grip?

Interesting to see this happening on the Z, as it's something that was an issue on my A7R2 bodies as well, but in that case it was the thumb pad that wore prematurely. I wore through the back thumb pad down to the plastic in about 5-6 months. In that case I was quoted a minimum of $250 plus parts to repair it, so I did it myself

It'd be interesting to find out how much it'd cost to replace the rubbers though, as they will eventually require replacement on most cameras with enough usage. From the lensrental teardown, the rubber grip material looks like a pain to remove as it's held by a combo of screws and glue: "Nikon uses more of a ‘you ain’t getting this off without a fight and a heat gun’ adhesive. Kind of a pain for disassembly/reassembly, but the strong adhesive, along with lots of overlapping edges covered by the grip rubber is kind of impressive. In many places the plastic shell doesn’t just interlock; it overlaps, screws together and then is covered with rubber grip and adhesive. That should not only give a superior weather seal, but it’s also probably giving some added strength to the assembly."

However, on the good side, it doesn't require completely disassembly of the case like the Sony to replace the grips. The thumb pad thankfully is super easy to replace from the looks of it, as it is integrated with the card door (you have to remove the entire rear casing of the Sony A7R2 bodies to replace the thumb grip).

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