dp0 Quattro vs sd Quattro H with 14mm f1.8 Art

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dp0 Quattro vs sd Quattro H with 14mm f1.8 Art

It was a lovely morning here, so, I took both cameras out and made some, non scientific, comparison photographs of the same scene at various apertures. The light was pretty steady. This may answer the similar question posed in a thread down below.

For all the shots, the SPP (Ver 6.6.1) settings were:
Detail = middle button
Chrome & Lum = far left hand button
Sharpness = -1.0
White Balance = Daylight
Colour Mode = Standard

These were exported as 16 bit tiff files and converted to jpeg in Light Room. Almost zero editing in LR bar a tiny bit of exposure.

dp0Q at f4.0

sdQH and 14mm at f4.0

dp0Q at f5.6

sdQH and 14mm at f5.6

dp0Q at f8.0

sdQH and 14mm at f8.0

Bonus shots.

Below the sdQH and 14mm wide open at f1.8

sdQH and 14mm at f1.8 wide open

Below is the sdQH 14mm f5.6 in Low Res Mode

sdQH and 14mm at f5.6 Low Res

And two SFD shots, first the dp0Q and bottom, the sdQH 14mm

dp0Q f6.3 SFD X3i files using all 7 shots

sdQH and 14mm at f5.6 SFD X3i file  using all shots

My comments:

The 14mm lens on the sdQH is heavy and extreme care must be used when hand holding the camera to prevent camera movement.  I'm pretty sure that I got some movement in the above sdQH shots.  As you can see, I was not using a tripod.

The dp0Q shutter is very quiet and gentle.  The sdQH is a proper clunk and comes as a bit of a shock after using the dp0Q.  I hope the shutter doesn't contribute to camera movement.  I tend to bracket three shots, so, it seems even harsher.

As I've said before, I'm not convinced the sdQH with the 14mm lens is better than the dp0Q for general, hand held, photography.  However, if one is prepared to plan better and take a study tripod, use a timed shutter release, then I'm sure the sdQH and 14mm will be better than the dp0Q.  And once on the tripod, big, stitched panoramic shots, the use of filters and long exposures become possible.  But the 14mm lens doesn't take screenshots in filters and requires 150mm sq filter glass sheets in a holder.


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