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Re: Trim your claws (nails)

I think it is more complicated than that.

Compulsory disclaimer: my nails are perfectly trimmed.

I noted on my new z7 this issue: after the first 3 days of moderate use, the rubber started to show signs of peeling, right next to the "Fn1" writing.

I have small hands and during shooting my fingers dont reach the camera (i can barely press fn2). So shooting does not seem to create any issue. However i noted that we i walk around, i hold the camera with my right hand, pointing downwards,strapped around my wrist. It is in this situation that my hand looks for a better grip, pushing the finger tips  against the body.for some reason this position exposes a bit  more nail, enough to damage the rubber. Considering that i am very fussy about my cameras, and that I used the z7 for just three days, i would say that Nikon could have used a different material.

For people walking with the camera across their chest or shoulders, there should not be any problem though, and this could explain why the majority does not experience the issue.

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